We have now had 2 weeks of services since the re-opening of the Church. It has been a blessing to have people in worship once again. As we had communicated, we told everyone that we would meet as a leadership group after the first 2 weeks and make some decisions on how to move forward from there. Based on this meeting we have decided to make some changes to the attendance guidelines but also to keep some of the processes in place. Below is a summary of what was decided: 

  • NEW: We are lifting the age limit restrictions and anyone that would like to attend will be able to do so 
  • NEW: We are lifting the restriction on persons with underlying conditions. If someone who has an underlying condition would like to attend, then they will be able to attend based on their acceptance of the potential risks involved. 
  • We would still ask that anyone that is experiencing any symptoms of illness or who feel sick not attend church. This would be anyone who has a Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fever, Chills, Muscle pain, Sore throat, or New loss of taste or smell 
  • We will continue to use the Eventbrite reservation system which will allow people to sign up for the service they would like to attend. This is very important that any and all that would like to attend use this system as it allows the leadership group the ability to determine the need for multiple services as well as ensure that the church is maintained in a safe and healthy manner for all members and attendees.

Sign Up:


NEW: We will be instituting a policy that will require all attendees to wear masks. Face masks are now required when attending church by the order of state of Pennsylvania. We will provide face masks if someone does not have one of their own. 

  • We ask that Social Distancing continue to be conducted within the church. This is something that has been proven to reduce the potential to spread the COVID-19 virus and is important to ensuring the safety and health of those attending. Even if you do not agree with this practice please respect that it is important to others and allow them to have the distance between them. 

We will continue to conduct procedures to ensure the overall safety and health of those attending as shown below: 

No Sunday School will be held until further notice and guidance from leadership No Fellowship will be held until further notice and guidance from leadership 

Preparing the church and procedures to ensure safety and health 

  • Measures have been put into place to ensure that the church is clean and safe prior to each of the services. Cleaning and sanitizing of high traffic areas and potential contact surfaces will be conducted between each service in order to do this. Please be confident that we will be doing all we can in order to prepare each service for cleanliness and safety. We want to provide a safe and clean environment for each worship service. 
  • There will only be one way to enter and exit the church. We will have the front Sanctuary door open and that will be the only way to enter and exit. Access will be limited within the church so please respect areas that are not open. This will be waived in case anyone needs the lift chair. If that is the case, we will have someone help the person through the education building entrance to allow for the use of the lift chair. 
  • We would ask that as you arrive at church you wait at the front door before entering. We will measure attendees’ temperatures as they enter the building. Anyone with a temperature outside of the recommended guidelines (> 100.4°) will be kindly asked not to attend. 
  • Please practice social distancing upon arrival and if there is a line waiting to get in please respect the 6’ distancing guidelines. 
  • Masks are required.
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed on the foyer for individual use. 
  • The bathrooms in the Fellowship Hall will be open, but we will only allow one person in each bathroom at a time. Please wash your hands after using the restroom and try to use your foot or a paper towel to open the door when you leave. Foot openers have been added to the restroom doors so that the doors can be opened using your foot. 
  • We ask that everyone respect the social distancing request of others and that social distancing be practiced during the worship service. 
  • No bulletins will be available for the services. 
  • Seating will be planned and arranged to allow people to be at a safe distance from others. 
  • We will not be conducting the conventional offering. Offering plates will be placed in the foyer and we ask that you place your offerings in the plate upon entry or exit. 
  • We will continue with communion with a revised format. Disposable, prepackaged communion cups have been purchased. Someone wearing sanitary gloves and a mask will place the cups on tables and direct members to pick one up on entry. No one will come in contact with anyone else’s communion elements. No one need feel obligated to take the elements if they are uncomfortable doing so.